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  • Jo Houghton

Up, down and dirty at the cross country race

By Linzi Lloyd-Henry

Saturday 19th Jan was my first Cross country with the South East Lancs league.

The weather was damp and dreary and I was feeling rather sick. With not having run cross country for Prestwich AC before, only having done cross country back in my school days where I was definitely not part of the team - always at the back and being shouted at - I realised that's why I was feeling so nervous.

Lining up just before the start!!! My heart was racing


Off goes the gun !!

Aghhhhh run, the first section was downhill then gradually round through some really muddy sections. I just kept telling myself see it's fine you won't get a detention.

Past the Pope stone, down through wood and along the football pitches. Another wooded section which was great - loved the mud !!! Out near the horses ( thought I would get that in ) and up the steep grass section and the first lap is done. Phew !!!

Only the short lap to do and we are home and dry, well sort of ha ha!!!

Last bit, puffing like a train, coming into the finish trying to catch my breath and it's done !!!

On reflection, a great day I didn't have to be scared - in your face Miss Edwards (my PE teacher).

Some amazing results from all the teams - we will have some trophies to collect I'm sure at the end of the season. Massive thanks to Jenn, logistics team with hot coffee, and Hayley, flapjack queen. When's the next one !!!! Count me in !!!!


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