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  • Adrian Calvert

Irwell Valley - 20 miler

Will now be forever be known as "The Four Seasons Race"!

It was frigging freezing

It was lashing down

It was very, very muddy

It was extremely slippy

Then it snowed!!

Then it rained again

Then the sun came out – yay!!

Then there was hail

Then more rain

Lots of water stations

Bananas and gels

Fantastic marshals

Then the finish line – woohoo!! (although we had already seen it at least twice during the race – sole destroying!)

Lovely flapjack

Great medal

Another successful PAC day out

Home to a hot (brown) bath - didn’t rinse off the mud first – failed!

Collapsed on the sofa – at least it wasn’t at the finish line like Rob T!

Bottle of wine



The end!

Jo Wells


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